Too far from the sea

We’ve had a busy weekend.  Yesterday morning we hung 15 of Paul’s paintings  in Les Jardins de Bagatelle – the busy French Café in Old Town Street, Plymouth city centre. Each time we’ve displayed Paul’s work there, we’ve sold some – which is great!

Yesterday afternoon we flew up the A38/M5.  We took Chris to the train at Wolverhampton and then travelled across to Burton-upon-Trent to stay at Paul’s Mum’s on Sunday night.

I always feel a bit claustrophobic in the Midlands – it’s too far from the sea for me!  On the way home when we filter on to the M5, I start to feel like Moley from ‘The Wind in the Willows’.  I’m relieved to see the big blue signs saying ‘The South West’.

The chickens survived the night home alone. Pearl is still broody and has been sitting on her nest for some weeks now.   I shall have to prise her off soon.  We have no eggs at the moment – Pearl is broody, Beryl has been put right off her stroke by the arrival of The Cheepers – and they’re too young!

Taking a crafty look at Paul’s prep, I reckon we have a classic yacht to paint at Art class tomorrow.  I’m quite looking forward to using acrylics again:  we’re having a refresher lesson. So ….I’d better go and find them……

Objective, honest and tactful

Paul is spending the day painting at his Studio on the Barbican (apart from lunch time!).  He has been working on various paintings over the last few weeks.  I’ve seen a few skies coming together beautifully. He always asks my opinion and I have to objective, honest and tactful.  I can just about manage the honest bit.

Paul & I went to a very breezy Royal William Yard for a business lunch today. After the success of our painting day at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club this year and in 2011, we are looking at potential venues to do more of the same.  The criteria are clear – a comfortable venue inside, with lovely coffee, lunch and cake along with spectacular views and interesting subjects to draw and paint.

We’re not sure about the Royal William Yard yet, but we had a lovely lunch at the Town Mill Bakery!  We always see someone we know there, and there is real food at a good price.

Looking forward to tomorrow to welcome more students back to the new term.


Summer Term begins!

Paul’s summer term begins this week – welcome back to all students.  It’s great to see everyone again!  A grand welcome to any new students starting this week too.  I’m sure you’ll settle in quickly, as  Paul’s classes are always friendly and supportive.

It’s back to art for me too - I do Tuesday mornings and this morning managed a watercolour of bluebells and trees, without getting cross.  See picture below.  I enjoyed Paul’s Easter workshops – I am lucky to be able to go to all of them.  The most entertaining workshop was ‘Drawing People’ as  our son Chris and his girlfriend Victoria were our models. We didn’t do too badly, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to show my efforts here!

This Sunday morning we will be hanging some of Paul’s paintings upstairs in ‘Les Jardins de Bagatelle’ in Old Town Street, Plymouth.  Go along and see them if you are in town and fancy a coffee! They will be on display for the month of May. Then we’ll be driving Chris part way back to Uni in Aberystwyth.

As for the chickens – I think I need to go in the garden whilst it’s actually not raining and see if Beryl has laid her egg in the undergrowth. Again.






Welcome to my blog!

We are in the process of re-launching Paul’s website and I will be writing this blog to keep everyone updated about Paul’s work, exhibitions and tuition.

Also, I’ll be sharing some of the Acraman/Barnfield organised chaos approach to life!

I would welcome comments about the website, or about anything else that catches your interest.