Paint up to his elbows!

Paul has been feverishly working for hours – he comes home from his Barbican Attic Studio with paint up to his elbows!  As a result he has many new paintings, some of which have been inspired by swimming and kayaking around our wonderful coast. This first one is from our evening of coasteering between Penlee Point and Cawsand – there is a surprisingly deep, dark cave there and one evening we swam into it.  I wrote about it in an earlier post in September (See ‘The Fashion Police were asleep’).The one below is St Michael’s Mount.  In October I swam around the Mount with a group of around 30 enthusiastic lovers of the sea from Devon & Cornwall Wild Swimming. Paul kayaked with us all. (It was a good job he was there as he and another kayaker were called upon to rescue two very cold ladies -  but that’s another story.) It was a glorious day with very light winds and a fairly calm sea – a real Indian summer of a day. The Mount seems a magical place as if it was built by the gods.  Around the ‘dark side’ the rocks rise out of the sea – Paul has captured the scene perfectly.

The house itself appears to have been carved out of those rocks.

You will be able to view these new paintings along with many more at Paul’s Exhibition on December 8th at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club.  We shall again be supporting St Luke’s Hospice.  All are welcome at this free event, and Paul and I would both be very pleased to see you. You can download more details here:  St Luke’s 2012

As well as painting, Paul has been busy with tuition groups.  Our Tuesday morning class of around 20 students is coming on in leaps and bounds.  We are all gaining skills and confidence.  A few weeks ago, Paul demonstrated painting the Horsehead Nebula.  This obviously inspired one of our students who has gone on to paint many more star systems – he brought in his finished works to show us:

Here are Brian’s Paintings:

We all look forward to Tuesday mornings, although the amount of cakes and biscuits we share is getting ridiculous.

Paul has a Facebook Page you might like to visit:

The calm before the storm.

Paul has had a week off from teaching this week, although he has still been busy painting and we have been planning workshops and preparing for his next exhibition on December 8th.  We’ve managed to make the most of the weather.  We had a great day at North Sands and Hope Cove on Saturday.  The wind was wicked, but we still managed to get into the sea at North Sands. There was a perfect little wave and we caught some great rides on our wooden bellyboards.  The people on the sands were colourfully wrapped up against the wind and looked at us with puzzled expressions as we came out of the sea and raced up the windy beach back to the van.

Next stop was Hope Cove where we marvelled at the wonderful colours and reflections in the water.  Paul and I invariably take dozens of photos when we’re out and about.  Paul uploads them on to his computer at the studio and will often work directly from the screen in conjunction with sketches done at the time.

Paul has been busy at the studio this week and has produced some beautiful work.  I like this one:

We also enjoyed a dream-like few hours at Whitsands during the calm before the storm on Tuesday.  There was a slow, easy wave to catch with our bellyboards.  It was warmer than summer!