With everyone’s support we raised around £500 for St Luke’s Hospice

A glorious sunny day for Paul’s Winter exhibition this year!  It made a change from trying to off load paintings in high winds and rain – or a thunderstorm, which we had one year!  The sun shone in on Paul’s beautiful paintings and made them look lovely.  People came and strolled around, some bought draw tickets for the ‘Bantham Blues’ print, some bought cards and some bought paintings  There were lots of babies this year as well, and quite a few children.  We’re always amazed that children like to look at paintings – I guess ours were saturated with art at an early age and then rebelled!  Our son is allergic to art galleries now and will loudly air his opinions on modern art.   It was wonderful to see everyone on such a busy day in the year.  With everyone’s support we raised around £500 for St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth.  Thank you!

Paul is still busy teaching his winter workshops – Seas and Trees, Big Skies, Sketching Figures and Sailing Boats – quite a choice!  The first 2 filled up almost immediately, but there are one or 2 places left on the final two workshops.

This week we’ve had a wonderful Christmas lunch with one of Paul’s longest standing classes – they take us both out every year and we have a great time.  There were 20 of us at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, where we held the exhibition and it was wonderful to see such close friendships which have lasted over so many years.  One student has been with Paul since 1984 – quite an achievement.  We’ll have to start giving out long service certificates!

Sitting in the sunshine, drinking coffee and eating chocolate.

Only one week left before the end of Paul’s term. The time has flown!  I expect there will be mince pies and other treats at the last class.  I used to make mince pies for the classes years ago, when Paul taught two sessions a week, but If I did it now I would be baking forever!   He teaches just over 120 students per week during term time – quite a crowd!  Word has got around over the years that Paul’s methods of teaching drawing and painting work brilliantly, and we usually have a small waiting list of people wanting to join in.

We present one-day workshops around Christmas and Easter and we have a programme of four this year – details can be found by clicking here: winter workshops 2012 – 2013

We took the van out on Saturday to give it a run – and also to dry it out as much as possible as it has got so damp from the continuous rain, despite being garaged.  We parked up on the Hoe and sat in the sunshine, drinking coffee and eating chocolate.   People smiled and waved as they walked past. You can’t not be happy in a Veedub Campervan called Trevor.

We picked up a huge banner from the printers this week – it looks very attractive with the background of one of Paul’s paintings and should be a great way of telling people where Paul’s exhibitions are!  We’ll be using it for the first time next Saturday 8th December at the Corinthian Yacht Club on the Hoe, so look out for it!

 See the link below for a Facebook invitation to the Exhibition: