Sure enough, Paul was right.

Paul has had a relatively restful weekend as I have been up to London attending the Cold Water Swimming Championships with some swimmers from Devon & Cornwall Wild Swimming.  This event was held at Tooting Bec Lido in their wonderful pool, which is 100 yards long and 1.7 degrees cold!  There were many races – freestyle, relays, etc – all swum across the width of the pool, which is just over 33 yards.  I entered the Heads Up Breast-stroke race during which you are encouraged to wear a fetching hat.  I crocheted a replica (complete with flashing light) of Smeaton’s Tower.  My hat was much admired and photographed.  The water was incredibly cold, but luckily I had swum in Kit Hill Quarry in the snow the week before to prepare myself.  The real stars of the day were those who braved the Endurance Race – 2 laps of the pool.  This took around 12 minutes on average, so was not for the faint-hearted and only those who were deemed to have enough experience were allowed to compete.

When I got back we went for a stroll on the Hoe – It’s always good to see the sea when you’ve been away from Plymouth!  It was very breezy, but the light was fantastic – Paul was busy taking photos which no doubt will be used for painting purposes over the next few months.

I am always impressed by Paul’s ability to forecast the weather: he saw the dark clouds approaching and announced that we had 15 minutes to get back to the car   Sure enough, he was right (as usual) and we just about made it before the heavens opened.

We popped our heads briefly into Gary Rhodes’ new place on the Hoe.  It looks very open and airy, with great views, of course, although there were a few too many photos of Gary around for my liking. It’s certainly is encouraging to see Plymouth going up in the world!

We want everyone to be happy!

Happy New Year!

Paul and I have had a fantastic Christmas break.  The kids were back in town.  The rain was spectacular.  The seas were huge.  The happy turkey was tasty, economical and cheap. The sparklers on New Year’s Eve spelt rude words.  We didn’t see The Hobbit.   I was better at guitar and Paul was better at drums in Guitar Hero.  No-one argued with anyone else.  All in all, a busting Christmas and New Year.


Back to normality now!  We are welcoming  students to the new Spring Term this week.  It is so wonderful to see everyone  joyfully getting back together again and catching up on the news.  We have a few new students to settle in to classes – something that usually happens very swiftly.  One student has brought yet another family member along – that makes the fourth!   Paul has very few spaces in his classes so it’s great when we can find a suitable time slot for someone who has been waiting in the wings.  I managed a passable still life at my first drawing of the term.


Paul and I are going to be busy over the next few months seeking out new premises for the business.  We’ve seen lots of places we don’t want but nothing yet which ticks all the boxes.  We have faith that the right building will come along at just the right time.  We want everyone to be happy!

RIP Kaye Wilkinson

Sadly, one of Paul’s long-standing pupils, Kaye died just before the end of the Autumn Term.  Kaye struggled to come to class even though she was very ill and frail – determined not to miss out.  She was a great support to us both recently and when Paul owned a gallery in New Street many years ago.  She will be very much missed by us and the rest of her class.