I have seen the summer peeping its head around the corner.

Paul and I have been having a frustrating time recently looking for premises for the business.  We have had a few false hopes and let-downs.  All of this is very unsettling, but we are determined to find the best place possible for all of our loyal students, Paul’s studio and beautiful exhibition space. We shall keep looking!

I am very much enjoying going to  Paul’s Tuesday morning class – we have been painting portraits, which is quite difficult.  It takes a huge amount of concentration to tune in to the shapes and colours you need to draw or paint. I’ve been working mainly in acrylics and have really enjoyed myself.  I think everyone else has too, although it’s been hard going for Paul, who has to steer everyone through the initial  groans of ‘I’ll never get this right!’ and ‘Why are we doing portraits anyway?’ to the end of the class when everyone says, ‘That was really good!’.

It was half term last week for Plymouth schools, but Paul and I  moved ours forward a week.  We have just returned from a few days away in Cornwall, meeting up with friends, listening to live music (some good, some bad!) and spending time at the beach.  We donned our winter wetsuits, grabbed our bellyboards and ran into the sea a few times.  A bit chilly, but worth it.  There have been a few days recently when I have seen the summer peeping it’s head around the corner and beckoning!

It’s growing lighter in the evenings, the daffodils are out and the chickens are laying more! Despite the cold easterly wind, Spring is definitely on the way!