We caught some rays in an outdoor café

Last weekend, Paul and I went to the ‘It’s All About Art’ show with the SAA (Society for All Artists).  Paul was invited to do a demonstration in 30 minutes which would “inform, encourage and inspire”. No pressure, then!  He decided to do a seascape in acrylics, using a wet-on-wet technique.  As his students will know, Paul usually demonstrates at the table on a flat surface.  This event provided a fairly wobbly easel, plus a microphone and camera. The venue was a very unusual building – Brunel’s Old Station in Bristol.  It had a huge vaulted ceiling with high windows allowing the light to flood in.  The platforms were still in situ and the main floor of the hall had been built over the trackway. It would have been wonderful if there had been a transparent floor to see the old tracks.

The show was very busy.  There were many demonstrations and workshops going on all day and each one was very well attended. Art groups, students and budding artists young and old had travelled from quite a wide area.

There were eight other artists demonstrating throughout the day.  The first one, Gregory Wellman was a very accomplished wildlife and portrait artist and painted a beautiful image of an elephant.  His demo went very well.  Some of the others weren’t so lucky and there were a few blips!  Louise Bougourd was very engaging also, producing a beautiful, loose monochrome watercolour of trees on a dry stone wall. Paul’s turn was the very last one of the day, which meant he had it all to look forward to! However it did mean that we could spend the day chatting to the many people who came to the show that day – over 700 – encouraging them to come along to the demo.  We were delighted to see Bobbie, one of Paul’s students, along with her husband, Richard.

When it was Paul’s time to start, there weren’t many free seats.  The demo went well and despite the spotlight flickering on and off throughout his performance, Paul produced an amazing painting of St Michael’s Mount within the required time.  I think he even managed to enjoy himself.

The only downside to the experience was that we missed the only warm sunny day for quite a while.  We caught some rays in an outdoor café at 5 o’clock, moving our chairs from time to time to follow the sun.

The Society for All Artists website:  http://www.saa.co.uk/

It’s All About Art – London, July 2013: http://www.saa.co.uk/info/its-all-about-art/its-all-about-art-london-2013