We decided not to put our heads in.

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope your Christmas was good.  The storms have been particularly impressive. We spent quite a large part of Christmas morning looking for a safe place to swim.  We eventually found a spot in the Basin by the Waterfront on the Hoe in Plymouth.  The sea was a bit coffee coloured so we decided not to put our heads in.  Loads of other swimmers had congregated there too – quite a crowd of us.  Chris, Dan and I  had a quick swim and then threw down hot spiced cider.


We managed to visit the seaside quite a bit over the holiday, searching out the weather windows.  Bovisand on Boxing Day was wonderfully sunny.  Wembury on New Year’s Day + 1 a welcome break in the violent weather. The sea on these days was rough, but manageable. Some of the seas were truly enormous and we were saddened to hear about onlookers being washed into the sea and away.  Our son returned to University just after New Year – a storm damaged and battered Aberystwyth. I swim in the sea often, all year round with a group of swimmers.  It is very sobering to see it so big and angry and reminds us who is in charge.  

Tinside Pool was full to the brim with seawater, seaweed and other flotsam and jetsam.

Paul has been busy delivering one day workshops over the Christmas holiday.  The workshops were full – all but 2 places – and we were very pleased as they seemed to work well in the new Studio.  Term-time classes begin next week and we will be welcoming back students to the Spring Term.  We have been able to fit in a few students who have been waiting to join the classes for a while, so a special welcome to them.

Our next challenge is to find out a way to clean the windows – the storms have delivered a fine coating of dust all over them!