I have to try and focus instead of dreaming of the sea.

Glorious weather we’ve been having!  I am feeling terribly guilty as I have been swanning off for a few lovely swims.  I have been working as well though – helping Paul with tuition groups and also doing some exam invigilating work at a local secondary school.

The first swim was a wondrous, fairytale swoosh in a river, involving sliding down rocks and hiding behind a waterfall.  England in Maytime is magical and I usually get into a panic that I’m going to miss something.

A rock slide in the river

My friend behind the waterfall

That evening a crowd of us Swimmers met to swim off Tinside.  There must have been about thirty of us in the water, but that didn’t seem to put off a very large seal!  My friend John was the first to swim off the steps and he felt the seal nudge him on the foot.  The seal stayed around for a good while, seeming to enjoy watching us in the water, joining his domain.

Tinside - somewhere in the water is a large black dot which is the seal!

Swimmers in the water - somewhere the seal was watching.

The following day was a planned swim with Devon Wild Swimming: a circumnavigation of Burgh Island.  The weather and conditions were perfect.  Around twenty of us set off. We soon encountered a barrel jellyfish – a huge creature almost as big as me.  Around the back of the island, conditions became a bit choppier and a lot of seawater clopped into my mouth as I swam.  The sea is full of plankton at the moment (hence the jellyfish) and I must have drunk a good portion of plankton soup.

Burgh Island in the sunshine

On Saturday Paul and I swam off Bovisand, near Plymouth. It was flat calm and beautifully glassy in the water.  No seals this time, just a glorious swim in the sea, followed by bacon butties in the van.  Trevor, our campervan was joined by a very posh van.

Trevor and friend

On Sunday we met up with swimmers again in Torquay where we swam and clambered around the coast to swim through caves at high tide.  The light in the water in the caves was very unusual – a beautiful emerald colour which contrasted with the red sandstone of the cliffs.  A few rock doves peered at us as we chatted and dived and swam around.

We need to get back down to earth now though as Paul’s weekend exhibition in aid of Plymouth RNLI is coming up quickly – at the end of the month to be exact – so I have to try and focus instead of dreaming of the sea.

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