Thermals at the ready.

Here is our traditional Christmas Day Swim shot:

It was a beautiful sunny, calm day as you may remember.  We managed to stay in the water for about 20 minutes.  Sips of Cherry Brandy afterwards helped keep out the cold.

Here is a photo of some of Paul’s amazing students taken just before Christmas, together with a big cheque for St Luke’s Hospice:

This was taken at our Christmas Social – always a joy to see everyone gathered together.  We are planning to hold an Easter social too.  Our students are very important to us and we treasure them.

I am currently coping with winter by fooling myself that it is really very, very, very early Spring.  Consequently I am looking for Signs.  There are many robins singing everywhere, the days are noticeably growing longer and daffodils are springing up.  All we need is for the chickens to start laying again!

Paul & I stomped around the lanes at Brixton & Spriddlestone on Sunday  - our usual January walk looking for snowdrops.  We used to walk around the lanes when I was a child and it is comforting in a way to know that the snowdrops are still there, waiting to come up every year. Sure enough, there they were!

Along with a bank of white periwinkles

I’m still swimming in the sea at least once a week.  The temperature of the water was 8.7 degrees centigrade on Friday – it felt quite a lot cooler!

There has been some damage to the foreshore again, but thankfully nothing like last February’s havoc.  The sea will probably get a little bit colder before it starts to warm up again around April.  Thermals at the ready.