Are we in Europe or not?

We shall soon know whether we are in Europe or not.  I have had to distance myself from the media in all its guises as the constant bickering is depressing me.

So!  Instead of Referendum Ranting here is a post stuffed full of photos of where we live.  I love Plymouth – the sea is nearby, the moors are just up there, Cornwall is over the Tamar and we have lots of lovely pubs, restaurants and events.  

The Barbican is within walking distance from our house and we often head there for a meal, a drink or to be a tourist for the day.


Tinside is where I go most I suppose – either for a quick swim on my own or a meeting with friends.  The Terrace is my preferred coffee stop.  Sean at The Terrace gives us swimmers staff discount and provides hot water bottles for us throughout the winter.

Sunset over Tinside

There is also the glorious Tinside Lido – open during the summer months with hot showers and sun loungers.  There are even film showings this year – including Jaws!  


Tinside Lido

I don’t often venture up to the moors, preferring the coast, but there are some spectacular places on Dartmoor.  I should really explore more.

Most Plymothians know Cadover Bridge well – heading up to picnic by the river in the summer.  You can also jump off the bridge with the local ‘Erberts if you’re brave enough, but wear trainers (as I was advised) as the river bed is stony.

The Plym near Cadover

Bovisand is a special place – our nearest sandy beach with lots of places to swim off – and even a little bellyboard wave when the conditions are right.  Two cafes – spoilt for choice! – and a beach shop (currently up for sale if you fancy a new beginning?) selling fairtrade clothes along with beachy things and biscuits.

Bovisand on a busy day

Wembury, a little further around the coast, is a National Trust treasure with most Plymouth primary school children heading there at some stage for a Rockpool Ramble.

The Mewstone, Wembury

Whitsands is my favourite place – it is reassuring to me that I could get there on foot if necessary, either on the Torpoint Ferry or the Cremyll foot ferry – both are iconic journeys across the Tamar.  It truly seems as if you enter a different world when you travel just over the water.

Torpoint Ferry

Paul and I are contemplating a few changes in September of this year.  These changes have had mixed reviews and we are facing a challenge to make things work. It is somewhat reassuring to know that these favourite haunts are still there as our sanctuary.

Rainbow at Rame Head