Welcome to my blog!

We are in the process of re-launching Paul’s website and I will be writing this blog to keep everyone updated about Paul’s work, exhibitions and tuition.

Also, I’ll be sharing some of the Acraman/Barnfield organised chaos approach to life!

I would welcome comments about the website, or about anything else that catches your interest.


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. HI Rosie and Paul!

    The new website looks fabulous, and I love the blog. Your pictures on our walls are admired by everyone who sees them, and we really treasure our ones from Gamba. Good luck! Hope to see you soon for a catch up xx

    • Hello Sally! Thank you for your kind comments. You must have quite a few of Paul’s paintings now! I remember the Gamba ones, and also a misty cliff with gorse….there must be others I’ve forgotten. Hope to see you all soon, Rosie x