Every swim is different and magical and surprising.

The sunny, calm weather has finally ended and today I don’t mind sitting here writing the blog! The sun has been beaming into this room during the afternoon, and I have found it difficult to concentrate, so I usually end up in the garden, feeding the chickens grapes or trimming off some of the overgrown plants. Today though I am looking out onto heavy rain and I can hear an ominous drip from the skylight.  I’ll have to tell Paul about it when he gets back, mending roofs being a blue job, obviously.

Rainy view

We have packed in as many outdoor adventures as we could during this lovely weather.  I am conscious that my Dad died young (ish) and I seem to be panicking a bit that I may not have many summers left. Over the last few weeks I have swum under the moon and stars in the early morning watching the sun come up.  I have swum in the dark under a full moon, on a very high tide, a very low tide, in the river Dart, in the river Aune, off Cornish beaches and Devon ones.  Every swim is different and magical and surprising in some way and I have never regretted going in.

Early morning sunshine at Tinside

Fishes in the Aune

The Dart

Paul swimming ashore

Off Dodman Point

Early morning Tinside

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