Password Purgatory

Having spent a year or more in password purgatory, I have eventually re-set the password to this blog and can continue. I am not even going to start a rant about passwords – you all have had the same experience, I’m sure.

The other reason I am writing this post is that my Tax Return is due in and I am procrastinating.  This is due to complications with my being self employed, and also whether I have paid enough National Insurance contributions over the years to make any further payments (and filling out a Tax Return) redundant.  I need to phone someone and be an adult, but that will, of course, happen tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are some lovely autumn colours to gaze at!

I am lucky to live near several beautiful parks.  I often do a ‘Three Park Jog’ around Tothill, Beaumont and Freedom Parks.

Beaumont Park has many mature trees, including my favourite – a widely spreading oak tree. This is Beaumont Park – Henry’s Tree, planted to remember a little boy who died over twenty years ago.

 Beaumont Park also has some mature beech trees.

Tothill Park is our nearest and has a community centre (where Paul holds his art groups), tennis courts, a bowling green and children’s play park.

Also nearby is Saltram Park – a National Trust property which has a very fine parkland beside the River Plym.  We don’t go very often as it can be very busy with walkers, dogs and cyclists and we tend instead to seek out places which most people find a bit too awkward to find for themselves.

By the way – I am still swimming!

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