Raw Chocolate Pie in St Ives

Going to St Ives for the day tomorrow!  I’ve been visiting St Ives since I was five.  Quite a few times I have cried on the train leaving for home.  We’re travelling in the van tomorrow, although it’s worth catching the train just for the wonderful view from the branch line between St Erth and St Ives.  I’m looking forward to seeing the turquoises, jades and blues  in the sea.  It was in St Ives that Paul first pointed out the purple sand to me.  I thought he was completely wrong, and then suddenly I could see it! I wonder how many other times I’ve missed  something beautiful that was so obvious?  Since then I’ve paid more attention to him and have learnt a lot about the colours in the world.  Insistent exhortation is the way forward.


We shall take our surfboards, bellyboards and wetsuits so we are prepared for every eventuality!  I plan to buy some wool as there are two well-stocked yarn shops.  Living Food of St Ives is there too – on the Porthmeor side. The home of Raw Chocolate Pie – not to be missed.


2 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Pie in St Ives

  1. After being taught by Paul about colour, he opened my eyes !! Everywhere I go now I look at the world in a different way. Art is all about seeing. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of our green and pleasant land. The light here is amazing. I agree with you about St Ives Rosie – such a special place and an artists paradise.