Gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may

We’ve had a busy few days.  Paul and Chris were sailing on different boats at Plymouth Regatta over the weekend, Paul on ‘Purple Haze’and Chris on ‘Patsy’.  I dropped them off and then had the day to myself. Joy!   I went to the Hoe and had a calm and silky swim off the Hoe between the yellow swimming buoys. I could see all the boats getting ready for the start of the races   – a unique viewpoint from sea-level!  Then coffee at The Terrace, with a big Kitkat all to myself.  Afterwards I walked around the Hoe in the sunshine and watched the 29 Commando 50th Anniversary Parade.  There was a huge group of veterans marching and although I have no connections with them, I felt proud.

Racing outside the Breakwater

On Sunday I was up at 5.30 to meet swimmers at Lostwithiel to swim downstream to Golant with the tide – around 4 miles..  We gathered by the River Fowey in the pale yellow morning sun and struggled into wetsuits. Kayaks were launched, swimming hats pulled over ears, group photos taken.  Then we all waded into the river and started quietly swimming downstream.  The light on the water was fantastic - greens and golds ahead, blues and greens behind. The River here is quite narrow, the tide helped us along round all the bends.  My breathing gradually became more even as I became accustomed to the cold.  Swans watched us and swallows swooped around.  Queenie towed cake in a red drybag. As the river widened out the water tasted more salty and felt a bit warmer.  This part was the most challenging, especially as I had no idea where the finish was!  I introduced myself to Lucinda and Charlotte in the water (as you do) and we encouraged each other over this long stretch.  We passed an elegant white boat house and round the next bend we could see the slipway and boats at Golant – still quite a way off!  We finally crawled up the slipway amongst the people launching boats and kayaks, desperate to be out in this delayed summer – after 2 and a quarter hours.  Pauline brought us bacon butties, cooked in the boot of her car.  A great swim!

Clearing the ears in the River Fowey

If that wasn’t enough activity for one weekend, Paul and I went surfing at Polzeath on Monday – we are making the most of the weather.  My mum used to tell me to ‘Gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may’, so I am.

One thought on “Gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may

  1. ‘for they are not long the days of wine and roses’ but I’m sure you will be swimming for a long, long time Rosie !! I admire your stamina and appreciation of nature. Such a lovely blog !!