The Invasion of the Chickens

All four chickens were in the house today!  Paul will go bananas!  I think I’ve managed to persuade Pearl off her nest, with the help of an old cabbage stump.  She’s been out and about all afternoon, and hasn’t seemed interested in sitting at all.  Chickens don’t eat whilst they are broody, so the slug population in the garden has grown a bit over the last few weeks!

All of this sunny day the little voice has been calling to me, summoning me to the seaside.  I had to ignore it today as the house needs a bit of a spruce up after the invasion – not of the chickens – but of the Children at Easter.  It’s always great fun having them around, along with their friends and girlfriend/boyfriend.  The house is too quiet now. Time to pack up the Dreamcast games, wash all the bedding and tidy up a little.  Not too much though!

Had a great time at Paul’s art class yesterday, playing with acrylics.  Below is a photo of my painting – not too bad an effort I thought.  I enjoyed blending the colours of the sky and sea.  Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine, Dioxazine Purple – wonderful sounding names.  Another of my favourites is Alizirin Crimson.  And there is a Rose Madder….but we won’t go there…..

One thought on “The Invasion of the Chickens

  1. I love your little picture of the boat Rosie, and the blog’s great – keep it up. Really interesting and just right, thank you! xxx