An element of competition

There has been an element of competition at Paul’s Art Class on a Tuesday morning.  A while back, Paul gave us an image of some boats to draw or paint.  Someone in the class quietly suggested a competition and then stood back to enjoy the entertainment! A few students organised themselves into a team of competitors, and a judging date was set.

This is the black and white image we were given:

The entries were painted over a period of about three weeks.  As the day dawned, Paul realised that he would have to be the most diplomatic of tutors.  The entrants were beginning to take the competition very seriously and Paul did not want to disappoint.

Today was the day!  The paintings were displayed in class for the judging – with a slight delay as one student forgot her painting and had to drive home to retrieve it.  They were all of a very high standard, in several different media.  Quietly, Paul decided to enlist the help of Barbara, manager of Tothill Community Centre, and she came into the class to look at the paintings.  Here they all are :

As you can just about see, Paul very cleverly awarded all entrants a Gold Star – equal first.  However, a competition isn’t worth having unless there is a winner and Barbara picked Tony’s.  See if you can guess which one! (Answer at the foot of this blog post.)

The photo below gives some idea of the sizes of the images.

Everyone enjoyed the competition – even those of us who decided not to enter.  Some of us like a bit of an edge, some of us don’t.  Paul has, however, decided to make this an annual event and has christened the trophy ‘The Tony’.

To celebrate, we all shared chocolate cakes and flapjacks.

And the winner was – painting number 4, the red boat painted in acrylics.

2 thoughts on “An element of competition

  1. Hi Rosie
    They look good don’t they? It was good fun and I look forward to the next “Tony.” Love your blog by the way see you after the break.