About me – Rosie

Hello! I’ve known Paul for 36 years, and have been married to him for over 33.  As Paul uses the ‘hunt & peck’ method of typing, we decided that I would be better suited to blogging.

We have two  grown up children, Lucie and Christopher.

Paul & I live in Plymouth in a small terraced house about a mile from the sea, which I splash into as often as possible.  This is made slightly easier by Trevor the VW campervan.  I swim all year round off our beautiful coast, mostly from Tinside Beach East, usually with a bunch of like-minded chums..

Paul & I both like to surf, but are not surf snobs, sometimes swapping our Hawaiin Soul mini-mals for standard 1960′s plywood bellyboards.

Paul is the official artist in the family, but I go along to Paul’s Tuesday morning class to learn and I have a bit of artistic flair. I take photos and enjoy knitting, sewing and crochet.

We have always tried to keep our lives as fun filled and stress-free as possible – not always successfully – and we enjoy ourselves and love to see our friends and family.  

Paul’s work can be seen at:   http://www.paulacramanartist.co.uk/



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